We want to invite you to join in on our Cross Fundraiser. For many years we had a large, beautiful cross on the front of our building, but time and termites took their toll, and we had to remove it for safety reasons.

For too long our property has been cross-less. We are passionate to see a large cross back on the property, and we are inviting you to invest in it!

We have a special opportunity. A few years ago, a wonderful man from our church, Emerson Upton, reclaimed some of the lumber from the old cross, and fashioned it into many small crosses. Emerson has since gone to glory, but the crosses were recently finished and brought to the church, as seen on this page.

We invite you to make a donation towards the new Cross, with any contribution over $25 you will receive a charitable donation receipt. With any donation $100+ we will gift you a small cross (6"H x 3"W), made from the wood of the original Cross!

Let's join together to get a new, large Cross put back on the property and display our allegiance to Christ!