A special women's group hosted by one of our own:
Yvonne Wolf

Are you determined to please others, even if you harm yourself emotionally in the process?  Do you feel you must succeed at all costs? Are you inclined to perfectionism?  Do you withdraw readily from others?  Do you often experience hurt, anger, and guilt?

Conquering Codependency: A Christ-Centered 12-Step Process helps you recognize the painful problems of codependency, the compulsion to fix everyone and everything.  It offers sound Biblical strategies that give hope and promise healing from the damage codependency can do to your life.

This course will help you learn a Christ-centered 12-step process toward recovery from codependency, acknowledge and define your compulsions, understand the role your parents have played, deal with painful guilt, and depend on God through Christ to restore you to spiritual and emotional health.” Pat Springle, Conquering Codependency: A Christ Centered 12-Step Process. (Houston, Texas: Rapha Publishing, 1993).
When: Every Thursday
Where: The Fireside Room, at Gateway, Victoria
Group facilitator: Yvonne Wolf, CODA coach and sponsor
For Whom: Women
Cost: One-Time fee of $75
Scholarships available to those who qualify.
Space is limited to 15 women desiring transformational healing of themselves and their relationships.