Every month, we put together these playlists from our worship leaders for you to add to your Apple Music or Spotify.


Check this album out. "Stay" is the new album from our worship pastor, Wes Morrison.


On the last friday of every month, we host a special 2 hour night of worship in the Spirit. Turn on the music, dance, lie down, soak in the presence of God.

During Covid-19, we can only allow a limited number of guest to worship with us. You can register for a spot below. Otherwise, the night will be streamed online on our LIVE page or you can watch on Facebook.

Worship NIghts will resume in 2021!


This is God's Kingdom. We believe that God is worthy of our worship and praise. If God, in our estimation, is as great and good as we say He is, then we are called to praise Him and worship Him as though He is that great and that good. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s people have always worshipped Him and today, we join with that same praise and proclamation. 
We believe that there are many expressions of worship.  Music, art, architecture, poetry, etc. to name a few. Within music, the way that we worship is different to each particular person, but we encourage freedom in our music at Gateway. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides our corporate worship. Some people dance, some shout, some raise their hands; ultimately the purpose is to give God glory and to demonstrate our collective estimation of His greatness.
We incorporate all of these expressions in our worship at Gateway. Whether the songs are old or new, if they communicate the message of Christ and praise God, we sing them and we sing them together. We don’t draw a distinction between traditional or contemporary worship service styles. Everyone's invited and we are all going the same direction together: towards God. God's Kingdom and God's Presence transforms us everyday.


Psalms are personal in nature.  Typically drawn from scripture to draw us into the testimony of personal experience with God.  Psalms draw us into an atmosphere where we can connect with God on a personal level.


Hymns are about God.  They are corporate expressions of God's awesome deeds and great character.  Hymns can be theological and demonstrate what we believe in song.


Spiritual Songs are driven through connection to the Holy Spirit.  They are emotional and often spontaneous outpourings from the heart of God.