Meal Train Ministry

Organizing meals for a friend after a birth, surgery, illness or loss of a close loved one.

What is Meal Train?

Meal Train is an organized way for our Gateway Community to deliver home-cooked meals to someone who’s going through a challenging time. It’s a caring way to ensure the recipient doesn’t have to think about grocery shopping or preparing meals while going through a major life event.

 This is a way for us to serve one another in love, during a season that can be overwhelming and isolating.

We encourage everyone who has been on the receiving end of a Meal Train, to serve some else when they are feeling up to it. This is one of the ways we express God’s love in community at

How It Works

1. Identify a Recipient, email the church office.

2. Meal Train coordinator Kim Protheroe will set up a schedule and connect with the recipient.

3. The Recipient adds in their meal preferences or allergies.

4. Gateway friends and family sign up when they can provide a meal.

Who is Meal Train For?

New Parents - 2 meals per week for 6 weeks
Acute Illness - 2 meals per week for a maximum of 4 weeks
Death of an immediate family member - 2 meals per week for 3 weeks
Know someone who might need a Meal Train?
As this is a ministry of volunteers, we aim to fill all of the meal spots, but can't guarantee that they will be filled.

How To Get Involved

Can't make a meal?

Consider donating a gift card, or frozen meal that we can bless someone with when a spot doesn't get filled for a meal.