Aaron doesn’t take himself too seriously, but takes Jesus very seriously. He refers to his home as a “taco-based economy.” He is so in love with his wife and three kids its almost silly.  He loves the Church - this one and every one. Aaron finds God’s Word an indescribably rich feast for every lasting hunger, and believes everyone lives their theology, whether they know it or not. He’s so grateful for the opportunity to pastor Gateway and partner with its people to reveal the Kingdom of God on earth.



Gregg lives a life that could be summed up by the word “thankful.” He is thankful he was introduced to Jesus as early as he can remember. He is thankful for his incredibly gifted wife Brenda of more than 30 years. He is thankful for the blessing of 4 amazing children,  daughter in law and 3 Grandchildren. He is thankful he gets to use the gifts, talents and strengths God gave him to serve the community of Gateway Church.

Gregg also has a bit of a thing for Volkswagens so over the years has owned VW Bugs, VW Beetles, VW Karmann Ghias, VW Things, VW Vans, VW Jettas, VW Passats and a VW Dune Buggy.



Pastor Wes is a passionate and gifted worship leader who can eat a 3lb box of Cheez-Its™ in a sitting. Wes thinks his wife is amazing and his dog is just ok. He leads the church in worship in spirit and in truth, and earnestly desires to see worship fill your whole life. He loves being part of Gateway and witnessing the incredible every day through its people.



Pastor Talita - aka “Tank” - is like a running-coach for teens: she believes in their potential and comes alongside to see them achieve it. She brings her wealth of experience, biblical wisdom, and wry wit to every engagement with youth. Talita and her husband, Matt, pour their heart and soul into everything and everyone. We think it’s fun when people try to guess Matt’s accent, and figure out why Talita’s nickname is “Tank.”

Talita is currently away on maternity leave.



Pastor Shawna is an equipper, encourager, and Kingdom ambassador. She brings wisdom and wit to every situation and loves to pray. She doesn’t drink coffee or tea which sort of freaks out the rest of the team. She loves seeing parents, children and young people follow Jesus with all their heart. Shawna is grateful to be part of the Gateway family and excited to be part of what God is doing here.



While running all of our communications and content creation, Skye is our team spirit, our resident foodie, and interior designer.   She cheers everyone on and cheers everyone up.  The only thing she doesn't have are pom-poms.  She's the wife of our Lead Pastor and mother to three amazing kids.  



Dennis joined Gateway in 2014 bringing a financial and leadership background to church governance--having previously served as Board Chair, Elder,and in finance over the past 30 years.  His passion is to facilitate the expansion of the Kingdom and to equip the body as effective stewards of the Lord`s provision.  He currently serves as Treasurer, Elder, and special projects director at Gateway.  Dennis is married to Shiela with 3 married sons and 1 daughter and 9 grandchildren.


Gateway implements a Pastor/Board leadership model. The Leadership Team is formed with the Lead Pastor and 7 volunteer representatives from the Elder and Deacon Teams. As a Leadership Team, Pastors, Elders and Deacons do their best to care for anyone who comes their way, and help see that God's Mission is being done through Gateway.

Gateway is led by the Holy Spirit to follow God in His Mission. As a local church, this is facilitated by both Pastors and Volunteer Leaders. Pastors are trained, called and equipped to lead a local church as their full-time vocation. Elected Volunteer Leaders are what we call 'Elders' and 'Deacons'. Elders are called to help pastor the church by using their time and energy to pray for the church, meet and pray with people in need, and provide spiritual support to the church. Deacons likewise volunteer to lead the church through the practical facilitation of Gateway's various ministries.