Elders since 2015
Dennis & Shiela Abbott
Dennis & Shiela have been a part of Gateway since 2014.
Elder since 2010
Pastor Aaron Dyck
Aaron is our current Lead Pastor. He and his family moved to victoria in 2010.
Elder since 2023
Tammy Ishikawa
Tammy ad her family have been coming to Gateway since 2014. She moved to Victoria in 2003.
Elder since 2015
Rick Cook
Rick has lived in Victoria all of his life. He has been a part of Gateway since the very beginning.
Elder since 2017
Brian Garvin
Brian, his wife and two kids have been going to Gateway since 2015. He and his wife moved to Victoria as a young couple in 2013.
Elder since 2021
Gary & Melanie Lech
Gary & Melanie have been coming to Gateway for 10 years. They have lived in Victoria their whole lives.