There is no reason to navigate this season of your life alone. There is a group for everyone; whether you want to tackle big questions, find healing, study the bible, build new relationships, or just find encouragement with others, there is a group for you.

Mid-Size Communities

Mid-Size Communities bring us together around a shared experience or purpose. We were created to be in relationship with others but we don’t always know where to start. Mid-Size Communities are large enough that nobody feels like the center of attention, but small enough that people will get to know your name.

Seasonal Groups

Seasonal Groups gather around a topic or short term project for a specific period of time, usually about 6-8 weeks, and in groups of about 10. You will be encouraged, be part of a conversation, equipped , prayed for, and able to grow alongside others who are on a similar journey.

Small Groups

One of the best ways to grow your faith is through being part of a Small Group. Small Groups meet regularly over the course of the year and usually in someone’s home. Small Groups are great environments to grow deeper in God’s word and deeper in Community.

Support Groups

We need each other for support and accountability in order for us to grow in our walk with Jesus. Support Groups usually consist of people who are struggling with similar issues and meet together to give support, practical advice, and encouragement to each other.