Statistically, the transition out of children’s ministry is a place where many people fall away from the church. This is a time is when many children struggle to find their place in the Church. Our preteen program is designed to help with this transition through providing a place where preteens feel like they belong and helping them connect with the gospel at a personal level.

Sunday Morning

Our preteen class meets Sunday mornings during the 11am service. This class meets upstairs in the classroom off the balcony where they have a chance to engage with the Bible in a preteen specific way. There is lots of space for fun, conversation and questions. Our preteen team is fantastic and excited to lead your student this year!

In months that there is a 5th Sunday, our preteens join the main service. They get to participate in the service with the rest of the congregation, to learn how to worship with other ages and to see what it looks like to participate in corporate worship. This is an important part of what we do. The research shows us that students that learn to be part of the church and not just their age specific group are more likely to stay in church throughout their lives.  

Fun Fridays

The 3rd Friday of every month, we have our preteen night from 6:30-8:30pm. This night is to give your preteen a taste for youth group and to help them transition into youth group in the coming years. The night is designed with two main goals in mind. The first is to help preteens build godly friendships that will continue through their teenage years. The second is to give them opportunities to think beyond themselves and to invite their friends to join them in hearing the gospel.

Our next preteen event is May 17th and we are going mini golfing! Invite your friends and see you there!!